The design brief required us to design based on the existing structure and using the structural grid as the base. The existing house was about 3000 sq ft, while an additional 3000 Sq ft was to be added I order to fulfil the requirements. Based on the constraints the site had the design was an inward looking plan having the staircase as the central feature which brings in natural light and also facilitates  air exchanges through a stack effect. All the spaces have been organised around the staircase, the ground floor comprising of guest spaces kitchen, dining, etc. while the first floor has four bedrooms and the top floor has an entertainment area which spills out into a landscaped garden. The materials used within the house are natural stone, wood, exposed brick and a fair amount of exposed cement concrete work, balanced with clean white walls and glass which creates a contemporary yet a warm rustic ambience.

Mrs. Anuja DesaiBegumpetCompleted5980 Sq. Ft2015