This project is our entry for a design competition where we participated in collaboration with SS CONSULTANTS and MATRIX ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS. We were awarded the project in December 2017.
The design concept is based on a vertical residential garden and is inspired by the rock formations in and around Hyderabad. The balconies have been stacked up in a semi-random manner as an abstraction of boulders within a landscape.
The South side has a complex arrangement of perforated sheets that frames the common utility areas where clothes can be hung for drying. This gives the south facade an abstract feel and exhibits an ever changing composition of colors. Each private balcony on the North has a vegetable garden and a landscaped area. This results in a playful array of vegetation in the North facade and also provides shade to the living areas.

IIIT, HyderabadGachibowli, HyderabadOn going2,00,000 Sq. Ft